Flood Cleanup Restoration in Crownsville, MD

Water damage from a leaky pipe is totally different from flood cleanup restoration, so don't settle for doing it yourself. With over 30 years of experience in the insurance restoration industry, Smith & Son's Contracting Company Inc., has the fantastic customer service, 24/7 availability, and expertise you need to get the job done right. Instead of waiting and wading around, give us a call for an immediate response and quick emergency water restoration services.

What Does Flood Cleanup Restoration Involve?

Most homeowners never need to deal with the tragedy of a major flood, so they aren't sure what to do when the worst happens. At Smith & Son's Contracting Company we know the ins and outs of water remediation and the insurance industry, so we can walk with you through every step of the process. Our flood cleanup services include:

  • Assessing the damage to your property including identifying the source of the flood, preventing more water from entering, and turning off any electricity flowing to the affected area.
  • Assessing the contaminants or bacteria in the flood water to properly remove and dispose of it.
  • Inspecting the area that has been flooded to determine the level of damage. This can include looking underneath carpeting, examining the walls and insulation, and any other affected surfaces.
  • Removing all flood water quickly to prevent mold growth and structural damage.
  • Drying the basement with high-powered equipment
  • Providing a thorough estimate using our industry-leading estimation program used by almost all major insurance companies. Instead of vague dishonest estimations, we provide a line-by-line breakdown of all services performed and all restoration work.
  • Working with your insurance company and insurance adjustor to ensure you take advantage of all benefits available and stay stress-free during the process.

Why Should You Leave it to the Professionals?

Flooding after major storms or hurricanes is fairly common throughout the state of Maryland, so many homeowners mistakenly believe they can handle the job on their own. Unfortunately, this mistake often leads to costly future mold removal and remediation services, major drywall repairs, and even severe structural damage. Even a relatively small amount of water that is left sitting for a day can start to wreak havoc on your home. Drywall and textiles in the room can begin to fall apart and rot within as little as 48 hours. Sitting water can seep beneath your carpet and behind walls and foster huge colonies of mold that will lead to future health problems.

Many homeowners also believe that once the water is gone, the problem is over. That's anything but true! Unless the area is properly dried with the right equipment, water will remain trapped underneath your flooring or behind your walls. Even a small amount of water can harm your drywall and carry potentially harmful bacteria into the heart of your home.

Flood Cleanup Restoration from Smith & Son's Contracting Company

If you are ready for expert flood cleanup restoration services at any time of day, Smith & Son's Contracting Company has the expertise, quality, and experience in the restoration and insurance industries you need. We don't settle for less, and you shouldn't either. For an exceptional job at an honest price throughout the state of Maryland and Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, and Howard County, give us a call today at (410) 360-5252 or 1-410-733-3825 for 24/7 insurance home emergency service.